V International F.Chopin Piano Competition for Young Musicians
3-5 April 2018, Dnipro (former Dnipropetrovsk), Ukraine
1. General issues

1.1. Competition founder: Fryderyc Chopin Society in Ukraine, holder of the exclusive rights for its carrying out.

1.2. Organizers: F. Chopin Society in Ukraine.

1.3. Frequency and purpose. The competition is held once every five years, in order to popularize the work of the great Polish composer Fryderyc Chopin, to discover gifted children and youth, improving their professional skills, to extend creative contacts between performers, teachers and educational institutions, as well as to preserve and popularize the best traditions of Ukrainian performing piano art.

2. Terms of the Competition

2.1. Participants. To participate in the competition pianists aged 10-25 from Ukraine and other countries of the world are invited: students of children's music schools and specialized secondary schools, students of musical and artistic colleges and universities.

2.2. Age categories:

Category I: 10-14years;
Category ІІ 15-19years;
Category ІII: 20-25years.

2.3. For the Age Category I the competition is a one stage contest.
For Age Categories II and IІІ – two stages. The first stage - video with anyone performance or link to them in the Internet.

2.4. Application documents to be submitted electronically only by the deadline
February, 15th 2018:

1) application form (enclosed);
2) copy ofthe birth certificate or passport;
3) 2 color photographs, one of them portrait (mostly face);
4) вank receipt for the charity contribution in the amount of 30.00 has to be attached (bank address enclosed);
5) program and chronometry of the each piece to be performed. Program changes are not allowed.
6) for II and III age categories - video of performance or link to them.

All documents have to be printed in Ukrainian (for participants from Ukraine), Russian or English, completed and signed.

2.5. The Organizing Committee will provide piano classes and concert hall rehearsals.

2.6. Participants have to inform the Organizing Committee on arrival time and location for pick up.

2.7. Registration of participants is on April, 2nd 2018 from 10.00 till 15.00. All test-plays are open for public.

3. Jury

3.1. Jury members will be distinguished musicians from different countries.

3.2. In their work they will rely on rules, set by the Organizing Committee.

3.3. In case of equal votes, the Chairman of the Jury has the right of an additional vote.

3.4. The Jury is empowered to cut the performance of a participant if not in accordance with the professional contest requirements.

3.5. The Jury has the right, not to grant one or some prizes, to share prizes, to set up special prizes and diplomas.

3.6. Jury decisions are final and can not be reviewed.

4. Performances, awards and prizes

4.1. Competition winners get awards, laureate diplomas of grades І,ІІ, ІІІ, ІV, special prizes and other additional awards.

4.2. All participants are awarded with diplomas.

4.3. The Organizing Committee will carry out laureats concerts during one year under the terms of the Organizing Committee.

4.4. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to broadcast the test-plays and final concert by radio and TV without payment for the players.

5. Program requirements

I tour

For II and III Age Categories - video of anyone performance or link to them in the Internet.

II tour

І – Youngest group, age 10-14 (max.10-12 minutes play)
1. F. Chopin. One or two pieces by the choice of the participant.
2. A piece by a Ukrainian or participant‘s homeland composer.

ІІ – Middle group, age 15-19 (max.15-20 minutes play)
1. F. Chopin. One Etude ор.10 (except No. 6), ор.25 (except No. 7).
2. F. Chopin. A piece of F. Chopin by the choice of the participant.
3. A piece by a Ukrainian or participant‘s homeland composer.

ІІІ – Elder group, age 20-25 (max.20-25 minutes play)
1. F. Chopin. Etude virtuoso ор.10 (except No.6), ор.25 (except No. 7).
2. F. Chopin. A piece of F.Chopin by the choice of the participant.
3. F. Chopin. One of the following: Scherzo, Ballade, Fantaisie, Rondo, Bolero, Polonaise-Fantaisie As-dur, Аndante spianato and polonaise Es-dur op.22, Barcarolle, Variations brillantes, Two Impromptus, one of them in Fis-dur.
4. A piece by a Ukrainian or participant‘s homeland composer.

The Application form is to submit in printed electronic form to the Organizing Committee:

For additional information you can email to
Contacts: +380-50-176-5849; +380-67-717-9697; +380-63-421-5449

Frederick Chopin Society in Ukraine

NEW YORK 10286
BENEFICIARY: ACC. 2600530053101


for the participation in V International F. Chopin Young Musicians Piano Competition
(3.04 – 05.04.2018, Dnipro)

1. First name, last name of the participant

2. Age category

3. Country


4. Schoo

Mailing address

Phone, e-mail

5. Teacher’s full name (first name, father’s name, last name)

Phone, e-mail

6. Participation in competitions, awards

PROGRAM of the stage II

1. ___________________________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________________________
3. ___________________________________________________________________
4. ___________________________________________________________________

I agree to the competition terms

Date                             Signature
49044, Україна , м. Дніпропетровськ,
вул. Ливарна, 10,
Товариство ім. Ф. Шопена. Оргкомітет.
Тел. для довідок: +38 (050) 176 5849, +38 (067) 717 9697, +38 (063) 421 5449
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